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Welcome to Panchromatism!

Welcome to my big new project – The Panchromatism Directory!

I have a double mission for this site. First, I want to create a huge database with links to photographers from all over the world. And second, I want to do some great, short interviews with photographers, who I personally find interesting. I’m a big fan of short snappy interviews, with a few images that best represent a photographer’s work. Long interviews with a dozen or more questions are great, but there always seem to be one or two or three answers that are true highlights, so my thinking is why not focus on just those true highlights?

The site officially launches tomorrow – on my birthday – and the first interview is really good! Be sure to come check it out!

But back to the first part of my mission for this site – links to photographers from all over the world – I urge you to read this top secret document with all the reasons you should join us, if you’re a photographer.

Oh, and the really fun news? For this week only, all Basic Links are free! Just click here to register, and select Basic Listing, and then ignore the part about making payment. This special offer expires on April 7th at midnight, so get your free link now!

Launching soon…

Watch this space.

The fun begins March 31, 2010!


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