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  • I’m a photographer. Why should I register?

Registered Photographers are listed in the by LOCATION and by SPECIALTY sections of the Panchromatism Directory, and when they leave a comment on an article or interview, they get a link back to their own site.

For more info on why to register, go here!

  • I’m a photographer and I don’t want to register and show up in the listings, can I still comment?

Of course! We love comments! But just know that Registered Photographer Members get a link back to their site, when they comment…

  • I’m NOT a photographer. Can I register for an account?

Not at this time. But please feel free to comment!

  • I registered, but I’m not showing up in the by LOCATION and by SPECIALTY sections yet?

There could be a couple of reasons why you’re not showing up in those sections yet…

First, how long ago did you register? After you complete the registration process your link goes into a queue waiting for a real live human to approve it – which can take up to 72 hours.

Second, did you add your location and specialty to your profile? If not, Login to your profile and make your selections from the drop down menus provided.

If it’s been over 72 hours and you’ve checked your profile, and you’re still not showing up in the proper sections, please contact us!

  • How many specialties can I list? How many locations can I list?

Your listing will appear in one location section and one specialty section – but feel free to mention more locations and specialties in your description paragraph.

  • What is the difference between the Basic, Enhanced, and Premium Listings?

Here’s the hierarchy!

At the top of any section are the Premium Listings, ordered from the first photographer to sign up at that level, to the newest. So if you are located in a highly competitive area, or your specialty is very competitive, and you want to appear near top of the page, sign up at the premium level, and lock in a higher position.

Next come the Enhanced Listings, also ordered from the first photographer to sign up at that level, to the newest.

And last in any section are the Basic Listings, also ordered by date of signup. While the directory is new, a Basic Listing will get you up near the top of the page, but as we grow, the Basic Listings will get pushed down the page – which is fine – it’s still a valuable link for only $10!

Bottom line, once a photographer locks in a top position, no other photographer can ever move in above him or her, as long as that listing remains active – so if you want to be near the top, it may be worth a Premium or Enhanced Listing sooner rather than later.

  • Why aren’t the listings alphabetical?

Listings at the top of the page are of course more desirable, so rather then letting those with names who start with A, B, or C have all the fun, we decided to open up those top spots to everyone.

  • How long can my profile description be?

The best advice is to keep it meaningful, yet short and sweet. Save some for your own site!

  • How do I get a photo beside my listing?

Gravatars are enabled. Go get yourself one!

  • Can I upload a photo here, instead of using a Gravatar?

Sorry, but not at this time.

  • What if my Gravatar that I use on other sites, isn’t the photo I want to use here?

It’s possible to upload multiple images to your account at, and then associate them with different email addresses that you use. So if you want to use a different gravatar here, just plan on using a different email address for this site. To do that, login to and add a new email address, then upload a new photo, and associate it with your new email address. Then come back here to and login to your profile and update your email address.

And just so you know, there may be a delay before your new gravatar starts to show. caches your gravatar, in order to speed up the serving process. So your new gravatar will take effect after the old one expires from the cache, which could take a little time.

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Gravatars are enabled. Go get yourself one!

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