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  • Scott Statson Photography >> Award winning inspirational wedding photographer based in Detroit available for weddings anywhere in the United States.

  • Orange Soda Photo >> Fun, fizzy weddings and portraits in sparkly Las Vegas.

  • Redwall Photo >> Chicago wedding photography with a splash of romanticism, vintage-ness, and fun.

  • Jordan Prussky Photography >> With over 13 years experience photographing weddings, children and families, corporate events, catalogues, bar/bat mitzvahs and landscapes, Jordan Prussky brings an original, artistic vision and sense of ease to his subject matter. Jordan has a distinct ability to make everyone from brides to CEOs feel comfortable, which allows him to get to the heart of every event he photographs. With a keen eye for detail, and a refreshing enthusiasm, Jordan captures memorable moments time and time again. Jordan always puts the client first -- from the initial meeting to the prompt and perfectly executed delivery of the stunning and unique final product.

  • Louisville wedding photographer >> Louisville wedding photographer Eric Graf specializes in candid, artistic wedding photography providing services to Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, and surrounding areas throughout Kentucky.

  • Rob Greer Photography >> Los Angeles based award winning wedding and portrait photographer. Other specialties include commercial and editorial photography. Also noted for not posting a bunch of fluffy nonsense on my photographer directory profile.

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