School District in Vail, Arizona Builds a Tiny House Community for Teachers

With local home prices out of reach, and no apartments available within a normal commuting distance, many of the teachers in Vail, Arizona were forced to live in Tucson, and drive 25 miles one way, to get to work. So the school district set out to create a community of tiny houses, on five acres of district-owned land, located near the town center. The homes will be available both to rent or to own, and the mortgage on a customized tiny home with a 30-year fixed rate loan, will be about $700 a month.

Because you have to be an employee of the district to live in the tiny home community, if you decide to leave the district—or if you are asked to leave—you also would have to leave your home. Although Carruth says that teachers will have the option to take their tiny homes with them if they move on, moving these structures, particularly if installed on a foundation, can be a costly endeavor. Tiny homes typically don’t retain value like traditional homes do, in large part because they aren’t attached to land ownership.

One Reply to “School District in Vail, Arizona Builds a Tiny House Community for Teachers”

  1. I adore tiny homes. As a Pennsylvania real estate agent, I believe tiny homes haven’t been accepted by banks to make getting loans easier and by governments with their current building codes. Until these two factors change, this will be a challenging gap to close in the United States. I’d also like another category of medium homes from 400 square feet to 1200 square feet available in communities throughout the United States where you could buy a smaller plot of land such as 1/10 acre.

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