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  • So what’s the point of this site?

SEO, baby!

And great, short interviews!

  • Seriously? You ask…

And the answer is yes, absolutely, it’s all about SEO! And interviews! We launched in early 2010 with a double mission. First, to provide links to photographers for an economical price. More and more photographers are learning about effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and perhaps the biggest edge you can get is to acquire quality links to your site. And second, to spotlight prominent or interesting photographers in a new way – with a short snappy interview, and a few great images that represent their work.

  • Back to the quality links? How do you get those?

You should definitely submit your site to – they don’t accept every site submitted, but they’re the biggest and best directory site on the web – so absolutely worth the time to submit. You can also find local sites in your hometown who might be willing to link to your site. And you can ask your cousin with a personal blog to link to your site. But then what? If you want to do really well in the search engines – if you want to be on page one for your main search term on Google – then you will probably find that you need more links to your site.

  • Well what about commenting on blogs? Those links count, right?

Maybe, maybe not. Most blogs have something called the “nofollow” attribute enabled on outgoing links – which instructs the search engines not to follow that link. If you want to check if a particular blog has the attribute enabled, find a post with comments, and then on the View Menu, choose View Source and scroll down to the comments…

If you see the above, go ahead and comment if you have something to say, but don’t expect a bump SEO-wise.

  • Why do other sites use “nofollow” links?

Back in 2005, spammy comments were a big problem, and the “nofollow” attribute was introduced by Google to combat that spam. It’s a good thing, in many ways, and makes the web overall a much nicer place. But if you’re looking for ways to get links to your site, you will want to pay careful attention to which sites and blogs use each kind of link.

  • So how do you get quality links to your site?

Human edited, niche directories are one way to get more links to your site.

  • Okay, but why Panchromatism Directory?

1. It’s a niche directory specifically devoted to photography – definitely a targeted link back to your site.

2. The entire site was designed to maximize the benefit you get SEO-wise – not only does your link appear in our by LOCATION or by SPECIALTY sections, but every time you comment on a post or interview, your link appears with your comment.

3. The first year is only $10 for a Basic Listing. Seriously!

  • Any final words?

Bottom line, if you want your web site to rank well in the search engines then you need quality links to your site. For only $10 a year for a Basic Listing, we’ll give you a high-quality, targeted link!

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