Tiny House Community in Flat Rock, North Carolina

This tiny house community is located on 26 acres in Flat Rock, North Carolina, just outside of Asheville.

The Meadows is a full service, tiny house friendly community offering legal land lease placement for tiny houses, water and sanitary hookups, and many on site and off site amenities.

For information, see: http://thevillageofwildflowers.com/the-meadows-tiny-house-community/


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Legally Placing a Tiny House on Wheels on Your Own Land in North Carolina

Every state is different, and the rules can vary widely, but one tiny house owner in North Carolina describes the process necessary to legally place a tiny house on wheels on his own property.

The process for what was called “the custom modular” sounds fairly simple: hire a structural engineer to certify that the house was structurally sound; put the trailer on piers and strap it down, much like would be done with a mobilehome; then apply for a building permit.

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